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The Clock Peddler chalet cuckoo clock in 8 days mechanical movement with music. Dancers and water wheel will turn when music play. The beer drinkers arm will also move when music play.

This cuckoo clock is designed in a replica or conforming to The Zastler Hut (Zastler Hütte). It is a managed mountain hut situated at a height of 1,256m in the Black Forest Germany, located in the Zastler Loch northwest of the Feldberg summit, the highest peak in the Black Forest and state of Baden-Württemberg.

This Garden Hut is a place where Hikers, Wanderers, Adventurers and Clock Peddlers gather after a day's work, selling their wares across the Black Forest region to visitors and tourist alike. The clock peddler is having a beer with a Bavarian lady, while another just arrived in this cosy and neat beer hut.

HÖNES Uhrenfabrik GmbH | A Hallmark of Excellence 

As a child, Wolfgang Trenkle made his first Black Forest clock. Since then his love and passion for Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks became his life obsession and vocation. In 1984 he took over the HÖNES company and have been successful in designing and realizing all the new models himself.

Deeply rooted in the centuries old tradition of clock making in the Black Forest, HÖNES cuckoo clock are handmade in a region famous for their clock makers near the world renown Lake Titisee - the cradle of Cuckoo Clock.  

HÖNES philosophy includes using wood carvings and housings from local production as it was back then, as well as equipping all HÖNES cuckoo clocks with precise time keeping know-how and technology. Similar to their clockmaker ancestors, HÖNES attached particular importance to the high quality of their clocks. Only accurate and reliable mechanical movements are used for HÖNES cuckoo clock. All wood carvings and clock cases are made by hand. All components of the cuckoo clocks are made in the Black Forest, often by small family businesses that hand crafted it and supply exclusively to HÖNES.

Amidst today competitive environment, HÖNES cuckoo clocks are still not mass produced, but are special pieces of art work, love for the craft and tradition, curated by clockmakers and artisans in the Black Forest area to meet the highest quality standards. Through the combination of design, creativity and function, as well as great attention to detail, HÖNES cuckoo clocks are the epitome of Black Forest workmanship, which is appreciated by Cuckoo Clock Lovers all over the world. The satisfaction of customers is the basis for the success of HÖNES cuckoo clocks.

Time doesn't stand still, which is why, in addition to our successful Classics, innovative developments continues and is a never ending process.

HÖNES Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest are highly valued and sought-after worldwide.

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